About Us

There's always a reason for our desire to get fit and healthy: whether to feel good about ourselves, lose weight to look good or for health reasons, or to make sure we stick around longer for our loved ones.


No matter the personal destination, Body Euphoria shows commitment, excitement and enthusiam to all of our clients in our quest to help them overcome their personal obstacles and reach their goals.


We achieve this through group tuition, or tailored fitness programmes, as well as nutritional support. We will always be guided by our client, in terms of their overall requirements, budgets and preferences.


With many years of experience, Body Euphoria specialises in helping those that need results; and are there to push you and help you achieve your end goals.

"I've been working in the fitness industry for well over 10 years now. I absolutely love my job; and most of all, I love working with clients and seeing how delighted they are when they see their shape changing, see the pounds drop off, fit into those skinny jeans, or generally just tell me they are feeling so much better. I get this sort of feedback from 100% of my clients, so it's no wonder this is my happy place! I offer a range of programmes, training, classes and courses, so there is something for absolutely everyone."


Hayley Chick, Business Owner

            OUR ETHOS


  • We are here to encourage and inspire you to do your very best


  • We set goals: this is the best way to keep focussed and achieve results


  • Safety is paramount. We provide options to fit all needs.


  • We don't just tell. We show. This helps you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.


  • Health and fitness is fun and engaging when working with Body Euphoria





  • As long as you are committed to achieving your goals, we are right there with you.


  • We commit to giving you personalised programmes that are carefully designed to work for YOU.


  • You must be progressive; and we work to ensure you are enhancing your health and fitness.


  • You will see results if you follow our guidance and work hard.


  • We will help you to live better; and ultimately feel better.

            OUR ADVICE


  • Our advice comes from years of experience and training


  • Fad diets don't work. We will always give adive and guidance on how to do this the RIGHT way, to suit your needs


  • Our advice caters for those that have restrictions, such as bad backs, pre and post natal and those who are new to fitness


  • All personal training and nutritional advice is personalised, because we will be working together to help achieve your personal goals.