Are you thin on the outside, but fat on the inside?

Did you know, it’s as possible to be unhealthy on the inside as a thin person, as it is as a larger person?

Visceral fat , otherwise known as active fat, is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines.

What are the causes of visceral fat?

  • Eating a diet high in sugar or fat

  • Leading an inactive lifestyle

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Stress

  • Age - due to loss of muscle mass

  • Hormonal changes

  • Genetics

What are the effects on health?

Visceral fat is associated with a number of concerning health conditions including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and dementia. It is thought abdominal fat my be particularly riskly due to the closeness of the main vein that carries blood into the liver from the intestine. The fat excretes substances which can affect the surrounding organs and affect levels of fat within the blood.

How can you lower your visceral fat?

Generally a good start to lowering visceral fat is by aerobic exercise alongside a balanced diet which is low in sugar and bad fat. Resistance training can help lower fat by building muscle mass which allows more calories to be burned. Aerobic exercise can have such a good impact on visceral fat that the resuts can last for up to a year after any weight loss occurs.

Want to find out YOUR visceral fat reading?

Get in touch. I will be able to give you a personal reading, as well as tailored advice to improve your body.

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