Food and Exercise: The Perfect Partnership

Strawberry Shake
This article gives you a basic overview of why it's important to ensure you follow a good dietary regime when it comes to exercise and eating. It's short and sweet, but full of important information, so please do take note.

Why should I eat before exercise?

Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to breakdown of muscle tissue. This can have a negative impact on metabolism and may lead to injury.

What should I eat before exercise?

It is important before exercise to eat foods which will give you a slow, steady release of energy, allowing you to sustain exercise for a period of time.

This should be a good mix of simple and complex carbs, plus 10-20grams of protein to keep hunger at bay, support the bodies functions and prevent muscle breakdown.

Examples of pre workout meals/snacks

Herbalife formula 1 pre workout shake: perfect blend of carbs, protein and fats


Greek yoghurt, fruit and low sugar granola

Apple wedges and almond butter

Oatmeal and fruit (fruit adding fluid to keep hydrated, oatmeal releases sugar slowly into the blood stream).

These examples mean you will avoid a sugar crash, whilst stacking up on vitamins, minerals and antioxidents. Plus, squashing hunger and ramping up the energy

Which is your favourite?

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